Celoteh gw.. :p

aaaa, finally i have the new one blog! yaaayyy
sbenernya somehow, gw ngerasa minat gw utk menulis makin hilang akhir2 ini..
that's why, jaraaaaang bgt posting cerita2 baru di blog gw.
blog gw yg pertama di friendster-->
if you try to visit this one, you'll find how long i've not put any story in my blog.
Last story if i'm not mistake, is socialite party, write it when i have chance to go into some party in FX.

Sometimes, gw berharap, otak gw bisa merekam apapun yg gw pikirkan dan automatically post it into blog! hahaha. no need to write it down again. it will be much easier. Karena tiap menit, tiap detik, there's always new idea comes into my mind. But once i put my fingers on the keyboards, suddenly i have no mood to write....arrrgghhh..penyakit apakah ini gerangan???

anyway, it's da new chapter!
I wanna write more! Wanna tells u more!
Wish me Luck! ha-ha! :D

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