Travelling alone to SG? try Matchbox Concept Hostel

Gara-gara stress nyari hostel for my next trip, jadi kepikiran buat posting tentang my last hostel that I have in my last trip. Yes, its Matchbox Concept hostel located in Ann Siang Road, next to Ann Siang Hill Park at Chinatown, Singapore. Why did I choose this hostel? well, I'm quite courious with the pod bed that used by the hostel and the location! Ann Siang Hill surely gonna be one of my fave place to wander around, hahahha. But later on I found out that this hostel is one of the perfect place for Solo traveller!

1. Seharian jalan, kaki pegel, enak kali yaa klo sampe hostel ada yang mau mijetin. Lha klo jalan bareng temen sih gak masalah, bisa gantian pijetin. Klo jalan sendiri? No need to worry, this hostel provide best friend for you: yes, a massage chair. You can use it anytime. Fiuhhh.

2. Clean bathroom, clean pantry. As expected lahhhh.

the pantry

3. They provide notebook for the guest. And its really helpfull, since I dont really like to bring my notebook for travelling. I bring my tablet, but yaahh, still prefer notebook than tablet for typing. You know what I mean right?

4. The environment. Yes, what else? the neighbourhood was great. Love to party? all you have to do is just cross the road, and welcome to the party! The club is right in front of the hostel.
the club! in front of the hostel

5. The common room for hang out is great! I love how they design the room. But somehow, its quite rare seeing people hang out in this room, might be its because the room located on the top floor? no idea...

6. The people. The staff is quite friendly. The guest also. Quite easy to mingle and got new friends.

7. The wi-fi is good, but somehow the connection is bit weak at the room, especially at the upper bed. Koneksi pod bed yang di atas kadang malah ga dapat sinyal sama sekali.

8. Do check the price when you wanna stay here. I was extended my stay from one nite to two nite without check the price beforehand, and they ask me to pay the same price with my first night (which is weekends, so quite pricey). Later I know that my friend paid cheaper price than mine. Errrrrr....

But overall, personally, I really enjoyed my stay here. Next time I go to Singapore by myself, would love to stay here again!

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