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If you often went to Singapore, I think you will agree with me that looking for the place to stay is quite a challenge. Of course, if money is not an issue (for example, all expense paid by your office) then accommodation is not a problem also for you. But for a backpacker like me, looking for a suitable place to stay in a place like Singapore, it is necessary to spare a time (sometimes it took a whole day..) just to look for a good hostel that meet my needs (and my wallet, of course). Luckily, Singapore provides me lots of choices.

Somehow, looking for a good hostel in Singapore is quite entertaining for me. So many good hostel that newly open two or three years ago (around 2012 -2013) in Singapore, and it's good for the travelers, since we have so many options to stay. The budget also range from very cheap ($20 anyone?) to very expensive one, depends on your needs. If I went to Singapore with friends, I used to look for the hostel that could gave me a good deal. Means, price does matter in this case. But when I went there alone, nah, I can stay anywhere I wants. Price is not really my main consideration, since I love to explore. I would prefer to stay in a place that I never stayed before. To stay in the new place itself is an adventure for me. So, this is what happens when I know about this Adler Hostel last year. One of the most expensive hostel I ever stayed in Singapore so far. I thought, why not? I should try this, I'm so curious. How it feels to spent almost double than I usually spent for a hostel in Singapore?

taken from adler hostel web

And you know what, I like it. I like the experience :)
First, location is very recomended. Adler Hostel located in Chinatown area, it's in South Bridge Road to be exact. Right in front of temple street. Just a few minutes walk from Chinatown MRT and right in front of the hostel, there's a bus stop. Plus, it's just short walk to Maxwell Food Centre (I love the fish soup here!). And I can explore the famous Ann Siang Road from here. I like to go around the city till midnight and some stall in Chinatown is still open at midnight! So, I don't feel so lonely (and scared) when I have to go back to the hostel at midnight. Location wise, it's very convenient. By the way, did you know that you can get free wifi in Chinatown? Yes, just right in the area near exit A of Chinatown MRT!

The lounge in main building. Taken from Adler web hostel

Second, interior of the hostel is quite exclusive. Adler Hostel have two building. When I checked in, I go to their main address with a luxury ambiance. But then , the receptionist takes me to the another building not so far from the main one. I stayed in the female dormitory in a large and spacious room called ivory suite. The room has a window (trust me, it's one of the luxury. Since some of the room in a certain hostel doesn't even have the window) with a view to the south bridge road and chinatown. We can see how quite the chinatown after midnight and how the city start to shine again in the next day. 

The Ivory Suite room. Taken from Adler hstel web.

Third, the facility is good. Spacious room, bed, toilet. The wifi is bit problem, but when I told this to the receptionist, they fix it right away by restarting the wifi modem. Very good response. Adler Hostel provides a breakfast where they will cook the menu once you request it. Nice breakfast but for a backpacker like me where quantity does matter, I only wish they can provide free bread also for the guests. But the staff is very nice, they offer me a malay cake that they made by themselves. Oh, this breakfast area will also serves as cafe called The Nest for non-guests after all the guests finish their breakfast. What I also like was they had massage chair in the main building that we can use!

The pic of Adler hostel that I upload on my instagram

The only thing I didn't feel the same with the other hostel is most of the guest was bit difficult to mingle with. You know, usually we can freely chat with the other traveler, got a new friends in the hostel, etc. But I think it's still acceptable, because they have different concept with the usual hostel. Perhaps, people who stay here are the one who appreciate comfort and privacy in an affordable way. Overall, I think the experience is worth to try. If you like to know more about Adler Hostel, please visit their web

I'm taking a pose in the nest area! ^^

I told myself, I have to spent more money in buying the experiences instead of things. Experience will stay with you, while things won't. I can lost my phone, but I will kept the experiences as memories in my mind for the rest of my life. And now I'm looking for another place to stay for my next trip to Singapore. If you happened to know a good place, please let me know, I'm just ready to buy another experience :))

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