So, I just get back in home, and watched this program on Star World. This is the 1st time I watched the program, so I have no idea what kind of program this is. Its called the mobbed (or something like that, not so sure..). Got no expectation when I watched this, but its turned out differently.

Later on, I found out that its like a reality show program, where the 'victim' is someone that become the target and should be 'trapped inside' of the mobbed. The episodes tells a story bout a man named Anthony. He's a hard working person, very dedicated person, full of attention, passionate into his work, in summary a very good employee. But behind that, he's got a problem with his parents, where he lives away from his parents without any money. He believe that one day he can proove it to his parents that what he did is right, by live on his own. Apparently, his bos, Rick Caruso (I just googling his name after watched the program, haha), noted all his achievements and want to give him rewards. So, thats the reason behind this 'mobbed' show which completely change Anthony's life.

Well, in case you dont know, who is Rick Caruso, here what google said:

American Businessman and real estate developer, Rick Caruso, has an estimated net worth $1.7 billion. Rick Caruso is head of Caruso Affiliated, a real estate development company in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded by his father, Henry Caruso, the founder of Dollar Rent A Car. Also known particularly for building higher-end outdoor shopping centers and hotels. Rick Caruso is considering a run for mayor of Los Angeles in 2013.

Actually, I'd prefer to describe Rick Caruso as a very rich man with thousands employees. That will be enough.

So, back to the show. The mobbed show is purposely designed to trapped anthony, and creating a situation where he will get fired. Of course, its just for the sake of story. But after his boss (which Rick Caruso) pretendly fired him, suddenly hundreds of people comes from everywhere and sing the three little birds song from Bob Marley (I looove their arrangement!! love the songs too!!)

After the sings and performance, tadaaaa.. the bos is show up. So, instead of fireed him (which he already did), he confess to Anthony that he set up the show to appreciate Anthony's hard work. To make it more great, he ask anthony to turn around. And guesss who's there? yes, they are Anthony's parents, his mom and his dad. The most important person in Anthony's life that he's trying sooo much to convinced them. (at this point, Anthony is crying so much and totally speechless...). I mean, can you imagine, you're doing everything in every single day just to proove it to your parents that you can succeed, and then you see them just right in front of your eyes in the middle of the show... how proud they are...

I suggest you to watched the show by yourself, because you will be touched. I'm trying to get the video through youtube but can not find it. Might be because its still newly episodes, so nobody uploaded it yet to the internet. But once its available, I'll put the link in this post.
But, what I wanna say is, you just can't believe how's your life can drastically changing just within minutes.

What I like from Anthony is when he says, that this experience is unforgettable when Rick Caruso says like this : " I had thousands of employees, but I only met few persons like Anthony. He's a hard worker, and truly represent the company ". Rick said that in front of hundreds people and he's crying! Oh my God, how can you expect more? getting promotion, salary increament, new position is great. But to hear such a great compliment from your big-big-boss is different story. That would like the biggest achievement ever in anthony's life!!

Well, sometimes, what do you call with 'rewards' is not always about money or promotion or gift or something like that. Just a simple words from your biggest superior is means a lot (especially when it comes from people like Rick). Agree? ^^

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