What a (travelling) year!

December already!
One month left!
New year is just another few weeks left!
Hahahahhaha. Yeah, a lot of excitements for the new year...
Looking back at this year, whoaaa, I think I see a lot of part of the world this year, yaaay!
I even start my first month of this year by visited Penang and Hat Yai. Its my second visit to Penang and my first experience on crossing the land border of Thailand.
Followed by another trip to Singapore with my college friends and my little sister at the end of March. Before the fasting month, at the end of June, I decided to went to Solo just to see the Batik festival that seems so popular there. And its somehow become so special, since I went there with my parents! :)
Pulang kampung or mudik before the Idul Fitri in this August is part of annual trip lah yaaa. An annual trip that I never missed since my childhood till now. And then another nekat trip in beginning September, is when I have to go back to Malang to visited my mom whom still in the recovery period after she got a surgery in the hospital. I call it a nekat trip, since I have to go back to Malang at mid of midnight from Juanda Airport Surabaya. Nekat tapi seruuu. I've got an english man accompanying me in the travel, hahahhaha.
But the most memorable travelling part is start from September untill November!!
It was the best three month of my travel history!! (and also the most suffered three month for my wallet, since I've got so many salary deduction due to unpaid leave that I took for my travelling, hahahahaha...)
At mid of Sept, I went to Bali for my company gathering. And then week after that, I start my most anticipated journey in this year: Trip to South Korea!! Finally, I went that far for my backpacking trip, hahahha. it was awesome!
Two weeks after that in October, I went for my solo trip to Singapore. Yes, its my second trip to Singapore this year. Just for a weekend getaway, where I wanna enjoy the city without any strict schedule. I can proudly say that I didn't visit the merlion statue this time! (well, I know it sounds not so important to you, but it is important to me! kekeke...) ^^
And beginning of Nov, I went to Jogja (Magelang to be precise) to attend Indah's wedding. And we have some little tour around Jogja. Nice city, but still prefer Solo than Jogja, dunno why. Few days after that, I had the longest trip I ever had, at least for the last six years (not to mention the Lebaran trip yaaaa ^^" )
I had this 8 days trip to Thailand and also my first overland trip to some cities in Thai. (Actually I'm willing to do some overland trip also in Vietnam and Java, hehehe...). I visited some cities such as Phuket, Chiangmai (my most fave city in Thai, for sure!), Chiangrai (finally, I can see golden triangle!!), and the city of angels, Bangkok!
What I've got for these trip during this year? well, a bunch of photo's; a lot of story; a millions of unforgettable experience; and some amount of debt from my credit card, hahahha. Ok, the last one is not true, and hopefully never true. But after travel to some places this year, I think I need to stay home for the next couple of months, save some money before I can go travel again. Especially, since next year, I'm planning to hit Japan for two weeks. Thats gonna need a loooooooot of money. I mean it. One of my friend ask me this question when she knows I'm planning to spend couple of weeks in Japan: " Are you intentionally wanna go bankrupt?" ^^
Well anyway, 2012 was a blast!
I really hope I can say the same thing for 2013, but I'm not sure...
I even haven't prepared any ticket for next year travel plan, so we'll see... ^^

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