March Already...

March already.
Five months ago, I’m thinking to set this month as a final battle for my study. Going to take the final test, and finish it soon! I’m set the target, it wont be more than 1.5years! I even book the ticket for my weekend get away to Spore after March, hoping that I would finish the study before the flight date. All been set.

Its just, only set.
No ready, not even a go.

Yes, what a pitty. Where all the commitments gone? Where was my faith when I set all of that five months ago? How come its just gone away like that? You must be courious rite?
Well, I’m questioning all of that questions to myself though, but still, couldnt  find the answer.
But, did I felt sorry? Did I regret it, coz all that been set was useless? Didn’t I felt sorry, seeing my classmates work hard to finished their study, make a great progress, while I’m still stuck at the same point, do nothing? Back thinking these matter, I supposedly regret it, really-really-really regret it. (copied the way Lee Gyu Won said at the K-drama Heartstrings – yeah, I’m the drama fans :D).
But..weirdly... I didnt felt that way. Dunno why.

Doesn’t mean that I dont want to finished my study faster. Its just... – dunno how to call it – I’m still waiting for the right timing? Kind like that? Well, might be, I’m not so sure....
Back then, this final test stuff, really reminds me on the same test that I passed almost six years ago, on my diploma college. Same like now, I was went to the test on the last chance. This was because, I already got my job even before I’m graduated, even before I finish my final report. My very first job. So, when my classmates already prepare and ready for the test, I’m still stuck at the beginning,  didnt made any progress at all. When my friends already know their score, I’m still working on the final report . When they prepare on for the graduation day, I prepared for the test. Simply said, they are already at the finish line, while I’m just start. Well, I’m start thinking this kind of habit, ahahaha. Six years ago nor now, the situation is same.

This is, of course, will affect my next plan. But whatever is the consequences, I’m ready to take it. Its my own mistakes anyway. Every people have their own way, I think. So, might be its my way, to finish my study a little bit longer than I expected. Not a good way, of course. But still, no regret of it, hahahah. I do what I wanna do, not what I have to do. I think it that way.

But then, I remember this line from the K-drama ‘Dreamhigh’ (yes!! I’m also the fans of this drama, hahahah) : ‘ The one who slowly walk, will see many things, will learn more things, and that makes him/her more rich than others’ – ckckck, such a great excuses words for being late, huh? Dont you think so? Bwahahahaahha.

Well, for this time, lets hope that words works enough for me! Fighting! :D

NB: Writing this while I’m watching the K-drama, not while I’m working on the college’s final report anyway, huahahaha. Just FYI. ;)

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