Notting Hill and my dream

The travel bookshop, which in actual is a shoe store called Notting Hill :))
Finally, I’m watching Nothing Hill right now. Yah yah, after years, I’m finaly watching it now. Such a pothetic, I know. I love the soundtrack by the way. The best song from Ronan Keating, if I can say. And I’ve watched the song’s video many times, but never watched the movie till now :D
And I loooove the movie. Really love it. The movie has not finish yet, but I’ve enjoyed every single scene of it. I’m fallin’ to it. Fallin’ to the movie and to the place where they took the filming. Its in London!!!!!!!!!!
My Godness, seeing this movie right now just like shout out my dream. What I wanna do, what I dream of. London. London. London. Here you go, my dream. I wanna take a walk  in every corner of it’s road, wanna take the red bus ride, wanna go the park, wanna take the british tea at the afternoon, wanna go everywhere with tube, wanna stay in the flat, I wanna go to London!!
I know it sounds crazy, but one and half year from now, I wanna read this post again and told myself ‘You did it, good job!’ Hahahhahahahhahaha.
Just finish watched the movie by now, and I’m crying.

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Ratri Anugrah mengatakan...

semoga kesampaian ya :) biar bisa cerita2

@dee_taa mengatakan...

Hihihihi...thank you so much Ratri!
Semoga 1.5 year later saya bisa cerita tentang London yaa.. *amiiinn*